Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Another short one this week :)

Well everyone,

The church is true and i'm still alive! Haha. From the sounds of e-mails it's been a crazy week for just about everybody this week :)

I just got done with helping the ladies at church make their Christmas chocolates for the season and i'm about to collapse from fatigue! It was a great morning though! Anyways. All you need to know is life is good. I'm working on the things that i need to be working on and i'm gonna make it one way or another! Loving life as a missionary. I never want to leave! 
We'll sorry it was a borning update, but i'll try and be better at it for next time.

Love you all.

Also check out christmas.mormon.org on the 28th! Exciting things are happening! It's a great video! 

Sister Young
Girl vs. Truck in Walmart parking lot

Me and 3 of my companions at Zone conference! I love these girls!

Ice cream from our Zone Leaders. Don't mind if we do!

Christmas lights in Edson

Just a few chocolates

Some more hand made chocolates :)

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