Monday, 1 December 2014

Haha, what a week!! (WARNING. Some pictures may be disturbing to animal lovers and small children. To everyone else they'll be pretty cool!)

This is Mei, I placed all the disturbing pics at the bottom of the blog with a Warning before case some people may really be disturbed by it.
OH little town of Edson :)
The ice on the main highway. It's like arctic tundra!

Oh the weather outside is frightful
Where do I even begin?!

For a start- missionary work!
This week we had Tenley's baptismal interview with the district leader and had her meet with the branch president and all went well! If everything works out, her baptism will be being held this weekend and we're thrilled! Oh if all of you only knew the blood, sweat and tears that goes behind reporting good news like that! I received an e-mail from Dave too, and he's scheduled for baptism on the 10th! I'm so happy!!
Our other investigator Pamela just moved to the city, but we are super excited for this step for her too. Lot's of emotional rollercoasting going on over here!

Well, that was one aspect of our week. The other is that a great Canadian winter storm hit and we were  out of (fully functional) action for a solid couple of days. It was mental! Within a period of 1-2 days between 1-2ft of snow fell and completely changed all of our scheduled appointments and plans. For the first time in my life, I was able to experience the true reality of being snowed in! Hhaa, wait until you see the pictures of our car! It was something else entirely :) On the 3rd day we got a few texts through from members telling us it was too dangerous to go outside in the cold. When we called the weather department it was -47 with the wind chill! Holy cow! It was freaky because it was so nice and sunny outside. If they hadn've text us we would've had no idea. (We're not supposed to leave our apartment or be outside for any length of time in anything below -40, as your skin will freeze in minutes. Kinda cool, but not really!) My trainer still has frostbite on her toes from last winter! Haha! (not really, but still, it's unreal!)

That being said- we got a call from one of the ladies that we work with in our branch. She's a hunter and we'd made her promise that she'd call us when she shot a moose! (You have to get special permission to do that and not everyone gets to do that every year. It's cool because i's not really a hugely big deal over here. People don't always shoot them for trophies. Most times it's literally only to eat the meat. I thought that was really interesting. I thought it was going to be some sort of delicacy, but it's actually pretty commonplace. But then again, maybe that's just Edson) Anyways! She shot a small male and we got to go see it! I'm thinking of using it as a Christmas card picture, what do you think?! PRETY COOL, ehh?!!

So all in all, it's been a pretty exciting week.
Sister Budge and I are getting along pretty great and are enjoying our time together in this winter wonderland! I'm going to send pictures, so beware because there's a ton that i'de like to send. You should all get the opportunity to see how beautiful it is over here in the amazing country of Canada!

Also- I also think it's really wonderful to hear all of my missionary friends and relatives sharing the great news of the He is the gift initiative! If you haven't seen the short you tube movie you can see it here:
I am so grateful to have discovered the gift for myself. He is the gift that continues to keep giving and my life is so blessed as a result of his presence. I know that as we embrace the true meaning of Christmas our lives will also embrace more meaning, more direction, and more lasting happiness. Don't forget to #sharethegift!

P.s the Moose is in the process of being skinned! It sounds worse then it is! I promise you it's way cool!

(P.P.S Nic- I'm so sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^)


I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful week!

Sister Young
It started, and it didn't stop! (Our apartment balcony)

Look its our car

Where a car used to be

Cars have to be plugged in at night
WARNING - Some pictures may be disturbing to animal lovers and small children begins here:

Moose only have a row of bottom teeth. They grind their food against the top palate of their mouth. Cool, hey?

More collections in their home. It's pretty crazy!

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