Monday, 29 December 2014

Merry Christmas! Have some food poisoning and a happy new year!

Hey ya'll! (As my old companion Sister Kunz would say)
Firstly, thank you all so much for working to make my Christmas such a wonderful and special experience! Thank you Sheffield stake for my amazing Christmas tree and messages, and Barnsley YW for you're cool picture and sweets and For Aberystwyth Primary and their Christmas card! And all the many other things! I really really appreciate your kindness especially being so far away. It means alot to me, so thank you!

This is just going to be a quick update.
We saw so many amazing things happen in our area this week and we had such an incredible experience serving the people and feeling the spirit of Christmas.One of my favorite things was participating in a make shift 'mish-tab' Christmas choir and singing for the old folks in a place we do service here. What was funny was that we all met as a zone just prior to going and we split up into parts and we sounded terrible! Ok, not terrible exactly, but not incredible :) (It was quite entertaining). But when we got to the center and we all started to sing we sounded so good! It was amazing!
#sweet blessing from heaven.  
I know i felt the spirit and i know it was something i will always remember. I love being a missionary! 
We got to do a couple of other neat things too, one of them being to go to Catholic mass. I really had an incredible Christmas all round :) On Christmas eve we even saw the Northern Lights! They were behind a cloud and we really could see much of anything clearly at all but they were there!
Other news: yes i did get food poisoning, yes I'm all better now. Also- come January we will be a FB proselyting mission! So we'll get to try out the whole facebook thing! Crazy!
We'll I've had too many experiences that i want to write but not enough time.
Just know that I know i'm in the right place and still working as hard as i can. We're seeing success!

<3 Sister Young

Christmas caroling with some of the sisters

Christmas Morning

New gloves from Jamie! Thank you so much!

A Christmas gift from my investigator in River Valley,Vera :)

Bracelets from the boys! Hahaha. Made my day! Thanks for the great hat mum!

Merry Christmas from Greenfield!

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