Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Merry Christmas! Transfer news.

Hey everyone!

I'm going back into the city! 

On Wednesday Sister Budge and I will be packing up and shipping out of Edson :) Sister Budge will be home for Christmas so i'm really excited for her! Just before she leaves we'll be having our Christmas conference so we're really excited about that. 

I'm going to be headed back into the city and into a walking area (first time on my mission) So im excited! But im going to freeze! Haha. Wish me luck! 
My new ward is the Greenfield ward and they're one of the 4 congregations that meet in the same stake center as River Valley, my old area before Edson. It's going to be way different. I definitely wasn't expecting that! Haha, but it's allllll guuuud ;)

I believe my new companion Sister Wamsley is also from Utah. So that makes 7 total from the start of my mission! Apparently Utah is the place to be at! Haha. Also i hear that 'her missionary' served in the Barnsley Branch since I've been away and apparently he knows my family?! I have no idea who he is or what his name is but i'll keep you posted. It's a small world!!

Anyway just a quick run down of the highlights of the week. I got to facetime into Dave's baptism! Hhaahaha. It was one of the weirdest/coolest experiences yet! Funniest part was when the person who was conducting announced: "And we have a special treat all the way from Edson..." And then long story short i had to bear my testimony over the iphone. It was hilarious! Sister Jones (my former companion) is currently serving in Red Deer where he was baptized, and she was holding the i-pad. She turned it around and all i could see was a sea of people and my first instinct was just to laugh! But i held it together and shared an impromptu testimony at his baptismal service, so that was nice to be involved with that :) It was such a great experience!

Anyway, late last night we got a text from Pamela's fellowshipper and she said that she's set her own date for this Friday and she hadn't told the elders in her new ward yet! Hahaa. So that was funny. When we called the Elders they were surprised and excited! They also told us that she's just finished reading the Book of Mormon and has loved it. She's ready to take the next step!  

ANYWAY! I'm sorry im crazy and go on and on about things sometimes.Thanks for all being patient with me! Haha.

Have a great week everyone! 

Pics are of Dave :) Enjoy!

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